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What are the reasons for refusal to issue a permit of residence in the rf?
Reasons for refusal to issue a permit of residence to a foreign national Permit of residence is not issued to a foreign national, if this foreign national
How to divorce a foreigner?
If you married a foreign national in any foreign state, you can get a divorce there as well.
How to legalize a marriage with a foreigner in Russia?
According to the general rule, marriages between the Russian and foreign nationals formalized in any other country in compliance with its legislation are deemed valid in the RF
How cam a foreigner obtain a work patent in the rf?
A patent is a document confirming the right of a foreign national who arrived in the RF visa-free (except certain specific categories of foreign nationals) for temporary work in the territory of any constituent of the RF
How to register a foreign national at the place of sojourn?
Any foreign national arriving in the RF must be registered at the place of sojourn. The registration is carried out upon receipt by a territorial body of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) of the notice of arrival of the foreign national at place of sojourn
How to obtain a temporary residence permit in the rf?
A temporary residence permit (TRP) in the RF may be issued to any foreign national within the approved by the Government of the RF, unless otherwise set forth by the effective legislation.




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